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December 13, 2011

Dr. Boyce: Tea Partiers, Skunks and a Mixed-Race President – Were they Over the Line in their Insults?

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Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell discuss the recent portrayal of President Obama as a skunk (half black, half white and stinky).  

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  1. We’re screwed and our children will be double screwed!
    For those of you who still reside in fantasy-land when it comes to this white-supremacist dominant Society, and it’s fictitious political schemes. If you haven’t watched the first season of ‘Boss’ on Starz..or the first and second seasons of ‘Boardwalk Empire’. These political figures typify exactly how our political spectrum works and the type of people in political office. That goes for nearly all politicians including your favored ‘Obama’! Watch these Television episodes so that you can get a clearer view of what we are dealing with! Please watch them and open your eyes! Maybe you will eventually figure out that both political parties are playing a sort of ‘Good cop’/Bad cop scenario on ‘we the people’! One side pretends to be on our side and the other pretends to be totally against the good of the nation and only serving the rich. Well understand that both sides are serving the elite rich and are putting on an elaborate con to fool the masses!Once you grasp this fact, you might then see that the things they say in the corrupt elite-owned media is only intended to affect the public and it is done to influence our thoughts about politics and it tries to retain a confirmation that democracy is working when all evidence proves that it truly isn’t! The elite are fondling us and most can’t recognize that we’re getting screwed in every possible way imaginable!
    They already know that Obama is the ‘chosen one’ to serve the next term so they are actually doing everything suggested to them to make sure he does. If that means trying to anger the populace into feeling emotional towards the things the say about Obama then so be it! It’s all part of their con people!

    We are overwhelmed by the machinations of these lying scoundrels and their service to the elite! Yes that means that Obama probably [knew] they were going to use the ‘skunk’ dribble before they put it out there! At this late date it doesn’t matter who is in political office. The people have been, and will continue to be screwed royally!

    Now some think that Mr. Obama is doing good, but there is no evidence showing that he is actually doing anything! Nothing more than what Bush did. As a matter of fact his representation of this white-supremacist elite society allows [them] to do things that Bush would have found it difficult to stand behind, because his ‘color’ and vile attitude would have caused world uproar! Now that Mr. Obama is in office the elite can screw us like never before and they are doing it on every level, and throughout the world! You can forget ‘American’ politics. It has never worked for common citizens, and it will never work for “blacks” or Africans!

    Comment by WizardG — December 13, 2011 @ 2:40 am

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