Black Public Scholars

March 25, 2010

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Marc Morial and others Gather to Discuss Black Leadership in NYC

The event is set to take place in New York at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers from April 14 – 17.  The list of panelists is as follows:

Host: Tom Joyner- Host, "Tom Joyner Morning Show"
Moderator: Roland Martin, CNN/TV One analyst
Rev. Al Sharpton- President, National Action Network
Marc Morial- CEO, National Urban League
Ben Jealous- President & CEO, NAACP
Dr. Elsie Scott- President and CEO, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) in Washington, D.C.
Angela Sailor- Coalitions Director, Republican National Committee
Lezli Baskerville- – President & CEO, NAFEO- America’s Black Colleges and Universities
Warren Ballentine- Host, "The Warren Ballentine Show"
Dr. Boyce Watkins- Assistant Professor, Finance- Syracuse University
Dr. Charles Ogletree- Professor, Harvard Law School
Jeff Johnson- BET Personality
Judge Greg Mathis – Television Show host
Chuck D – Recording artist


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  1. Time, gentlemen, is of the essence.Our entire race is being threatened by what is known as the far-right. They are waging war against President Obama, who at this present time has found his administration under civil and criminal attack by those waging genocide against our people.

    The country is now in a state of anarchy and open rebellion while others wage a war of open treason. His Administration is under physical attack in the news papers owned by the few, others are leaders who are paid by the CIA in our media, who consider themselves contractors for the likes of Dick Cheney, McCain, the Bush family and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    There are only four-hundred people, at a minimum, whose names are known as the World Government Founders for the New World Order, and those (still civilians) under their command who wish the President dead.

    In this short note I would like to express my devotion to the President by suggesting he use his Constitutional Authority to arrest these individuals in every State of the Union to restore civil order and authority. His enemies are using the propaganda tools of the Israeli Mossad against his authority.

    In the 1960’s, when Black School Children and others like them had their constitutuional rights threatened by the few who were steadfast in prohibiting them from their learning apparatus in the public schools, President John F. Kennedy unleashed the National Guard to make arrests and restore order.

    Bloomberg and his minions are a Direct Threat to National Security under his command as Chief of the Armed Forces.

    These individuals are to be found in the Committee of 300, the Committee of 400, or the 400 Club, and others.

    I will do all I can do to assist in this endeavor, as I would also love to debate some of these nuts.

    Sincerely yours’

    Eric R.Powell

    Comment by Eric Robert Powell — April 1, 2010 @ 11:33 pm

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