Black Public Scholars

January 4, 2010

What Would Dr. King Think?

by Dr. Julianne Malveaux, President – Bennett College For Women

Had Dr. Martin Luther King lived until his birthday, January 15, he would be 81. It is interesting to speculate how the octogenarian might spend his time. If he is anything like some of his peers – Ambassador Andrew Young or Rev. Joseph Lowery – he’d still be involved in some form of activism, perhaps combining religious service with involvement in domestic and international affairs, perhaps with dimensions that included some involvement in commerce (such as Mr. Young’s consulting company Good Works). What might Dr. King think or say about the state we find ourselves in today? A year since the inauguration of President Barack Obama, would he embrace the concept of post-racialism that some bandy about? Would he reflect on his words during the March on Washington and conclude that the dream he so brilliantly articulated had been realized? Or would he be forced to conclude that the check is still marked "insufficient funds".

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  1. I believe that if Dr .King was still with us today he would say that we have come a very long way but there is still a fight that must be fought regarding the issues that plague the African American communities such as extreme violence and murder of our young black males, poverty, self-hatred and self-destruction which continue to keep black people from working together, the epidemic of AIDS and drugs that have ravaged our homes and communities, and the extreme lack of proper education that continues to be a disservice to our children. I think Dr. King knew that we would see the promise land but there was still going to be some hard days ahead and some burdens to bear but if we come together as a people we could overcome. I think we are seeing those hard day’s and it is the responsibility of each black person to do whatever they can do to improve the conditions in our communities it is no longer an option to just say it’s not my problem. What effects one person effects us all!

    Comment by TNB — January 16, 2011 @ 8:45 pm

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